·· 2 sided love ··

When you meet someone so different from yourself, in a good way, you don’t even have to kiss to have fireworks go off. It’s like fireworks in your heart all the time. I always wondered, do opposites really attract? After meeting Rebecca & Aloy, now I know for sure they do!

This creative film with a save the date message was purely based upon the ‘opposites attract’ theme. it had to be planned properly to mirror their likings of environment, style, food and the way they behave. this was definitely a challenge that we all wanted to take on and had so much fun in doing so.

We can’t wait for their wedding in May, its gonna be filled with so much love and fun – and we get to do a same day edit for that – can’t wait to share that!!!

“Alone, we are good. Together, we are fantastic!”

Enjoy their save the date

2 sided love from p-your vision. on Vimeo.

·· By Choice ··

Beautiful (hermoso) is the simple word that describes every moment with such wonderful people. We embraced each moment – the flight to Mexico, the hotel that was bigger than Mexico itself (Moon Palace), the ceremony, and all the after parties!!! This event was nothing short of fun!!! We made new friends and enjoyed endless conversations (literally until 6am) of wanting to do more for this world (the people and all the creatures on it). Richha and Niket – well see for your self, they are the sweetest couple and they always have a smile! We wish you two a life time of smiles!

Our besties:
Photo – Verve Photo (Mel and Meaghan),
Disc Jockey – Nspire Sound Crew (Pritav and Nav)
Make-up – Amplified Soul (Shobana)
Fashion – CTC West (Gaurav)


·· By Choice ·· from p-your vision. on Vimeo.

·· Love Tonight ··

With secret vows that they wrote to each other, Deepa & Antonio confessed their love for the world to hear. Humble families & friends, majestic backdrops & decor, beautiful bride & groom – all brought together for a 3 day long indian/italian fusion wedding!

Having to create is not something that is new to Antonio, as he himself is a very talented to painter – you can see one of his work in this next day edit. When someone is as creative as these two are – we are pressured (by ourselves) to leap bounds in our work and we hope that we’ve produced something to last a lifetime.

This was also our first time working with the talented team at Zardozi Events, they put together a beautiful weekend of celebrations.

Snuggle up and ·· Love Tonight ··

·· Love Tonight ·· from p-your vision. on Vimeo.

My Sun°

Manisha & Faiz’s same day edit/creative film is anything short of spectacular moments. This wedding was filled with beautiful people – The Bride worked her magic, The Groom let her shine like a gentleman! The guests, well… they enjoyed the intimate ceremony, mouth-watering meal and the breathtaking venue. It was a classy bunch with a room full of love and we enjoyed spending every moment with them!!!

My SUN from p-your vision. on Vimeo.

·· Become One ··

If Love is a form of art; both Priya and Arun are the sculptures of this love story. With a melting pot of differences came this fusion of cultures, religions, and families. It was easy being with these two love birds and it was even more simpler to catch those very special moments between them.

·· Become One ·· from p-your vision. on Vimeo.