Dear love…

Celebrations – so many days of family, friends, fun, and more! The festivities began a few days before the wedding so we got the opportunity see what a real Sikh wedding entails. There were days of dancing, singing, lots of food, and too many hugs to go around. With so many vibrant colours and vibrant people the celebrations were full of love to say the least. It’s how weddings should be – surrounded by family for days and celebrating the love for the couple. We wish you two a lifetime of happiness and hope that you two enjoy watching the video as much as we loved being a part of your big day!!!

cordinators: Zardozi Events​
decor: PARAS Events​
foto: Zaheer Z-Molu​

·· Infinity ··

When you spend some time with a couple you get to really see their “true side”. Mugunthan a lover at heart, Chums a strong yet gentle soul, together they are truly a pleasure to watch. We shot this concept film in Quebec in -30 celsius over two days. Those two days were a blast sharing laughs with not only the bride and groom but also Siva and Nila – these two make you want to simply open up and share heartfelt conversations. Chums – there is no girl that can complain on her wedding day after what you endured for your photo and video – we’re surprised you still have your toes after baring that cold. Mugunthan – never without a smile and always with adoring eyes for Chummy – channels a bollywood actor for the video doesn’t he?!?!?

We embrace this new friendship and hope that this video does justice for the amount of love that was not only shared in making this video but in seeing the purity in their friendship with one another.

Thank you Chummy and Mugunthan for including us in your celebrations and for giving us the pleasure of filming one of the most important chapters of your lives.

After spending the night dancing along side our vendor family – ButterflySquad, Divinemethod, DigitalFusion, Trails of Memories, Geethams Events, DJ BrownSoul, PacDeMC you realize how supportive and kind these guys are. We thank you guys for supporting us and making the night memorable.

·· Infinity ··

THE little THINGS .·°

a great photographer and even better friend of mine, taha of dastan photography, decided to have me shoot a portrait film for his son’s birthday.
jian, turning one year old back in december of 2014 – had a very interesting and ‘on your toes’ type of character. It’s so simple to be with him, which is why it made it easier for me to follow in his footsteps.
i wanted to create something to last forever, something to put away in his treasure box and grow up to get to watch it and understand the love that his family has for him.
we had the opportunity of filming taha & nida’s wedding in 2010 and i know that getting them to say what i need to create my story is never a problem. their tale of bringing jian into this world was an interesting one to say the least.

this is one of our favourite stories!

THE little THINGS from p-your vision. on Vimeo.

·· Paarvai ·· Jodi Bridal Show 2015 Cover Shoot

Our 2nd commercial ad for Jodi’s Bridal Show this year in Toronto, Canada.

Jodi Bridal Show 2015
March 7th at Chandni Grand

Styled by: Dreamers Events
Make-up by: Bree Powell
Hair by: Shobana Lakkavally, Amplified Soul
Saree & Jewellery by: Aalayaa, Aarathie & Mayas Boutique
Cover Photographer: Patricia Recourt

Music: Nee Partha Paarvai (cover) by Harmonize Projekt

·· 2 sided love ··

When you meet someone so different from yourself, in a good way, you don’t even have to kiss to have fireworks go off. It’s like fireworks in your heart all the time. I always wondered, do opposites really attract? After meeting Rebecca & Aloy, now I know for sure they do!

This creative film with a save the date message was purely based upon the ‘opposites attract’ theme. it had to be planned properly to mirror their likings of environment, style, food and the way they behave. this was definitely a challenge that we all wanted to take on and had so much fun in doing so.

We can’t wait for their wedding in May, its gonna be filled with so much love and fun – and we get to do a same day edit for that – can’t wait to share that!!!

“Alone, we are good. Together, we are fantastic!”

Enjoy their save the date

2 sided love from p-your vision. on Vimeo.